Aimless is a psychological mystery about a clinical psychologist who takes on a teen client traumatized from episodes of sleep paralysis. The more she works with him, the more she discovers who is behind the spiritual entities invading his dreams.





Pitch Deck

Michelle experiences a sleep state of Hypnopompia that makes her nightmare a reality.

Finding herself late for a first date, Grace must enlist the help of an unusual stranger to conquer two of her biggest fears: her own anxieties and parallel parking. Meanwhile, Andrew encounters an overly flirtatious waitress who has her eyes set on the prize: him!

Two curious orphans sneak out during bedtime to see what the Matron has been doing to punish their friend Mitchell.

Markie and Allie find themselves playing a game of “what are the odds?” during a late-night shift at the theater.

Maya and Mr. Still teach each other hard life lessons in Detention.

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